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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know the prices and shipping cost to my address?
    Contact us by e-mail (gustavo@origemsbrazil.com or sales@origemsbrazil.com). Let us know what is your location and which products you would be interested in. Our team will reply in less than 24 hours with the catalogues and the estimated shipping cost for the requested products.
  • What is the lead time for production?
    If we have the requested items in stock, we will ship them out one working day after the payment confirmation. For production orders, the lead time depends on what you are ordering and the quantities requested. After you send your order to our sales team, they will respond with a detailed budget and the approximate lead time. Before confirming the production order, please make sure that all sizes, colors and specifications of each product correspond to your expectations.
  • Do you work with custom orders?
    Yes, we do! Our production chain is very diverse and flexible, which allows us to create new products according to your specifications. If you have your own design or if you are interested in something that we don't have in our catalogs, send us your ideas through draws or reference pictures and our sales team will check all the possibilities for you.
  • How do you ship the products?
    For smaller volume orders we work with UPS and FedEx, which takes about 5 working days to deliver (US and Europe). These companies are couriers, so they do door to door shipments for you. In this case, there's no need to hire a broker for importing clearance. For larger volumes, we work with air cargo or regular boat shipment. Those services take a little longer, but they are much cheaper when you order a pallet, a few pallets or a container.
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